A powerful voice has the ability to capture an audience the moment an artist steps on stage. Combine that soulful voice together with original, creative songwriting and an energetic stage personality and what you have is not only a gift, but a rarity. Singer/Songwriter Kyle Davis is one of those rarities.

A natural storyteller with creative talent for writing and singing in his DNA, Kyle Davis knew from early childhood he was destined for a career in music. Since then his life has revolved around the creation of music and performing. The Massachusetts-born Davis realized his love for singing and songwriting at the age of 5.  By the age of 8, the alluring Davis was performing at venues around his hometown.

By the time he began recording his first full album while still in his teens, his path in music became clear. His outside-the-box musical blueprint blends an energy and sound that molds the essence of dark pop with R&B. His lyrics are personal, honest, and real. Drawing in a strong fan base with his filter-free style, Davis thrives off his open book mentality, allowing his fans to experience his blood, sweat, and heartbreak through carefully concocted lyrics and powerful live performances.

His 2017 collaboration “Nothing,” with Malaysian production team Vessbroz adds a euro-dance vibe to the mix. It released on October 27th of 2017 and was followed by the rest of their album “Lost,” in which Kyle vocalized on four other tracks and wrote lyrics for the remaining 6 tracks. Nothing hit #32 on the Billboard BDS chart!

This success got the attention of none other than Jeff Timmons, of 98 degrees fame, who happened to be putting together a new touring group.  He selected Kyle and 3 other singers from all over to form “Overnight”.  They not are only are awesome singers, but they do choreographed dancing in their act, which just recently sold out the Orleans casino in Las Vegas!  The boys were a big hit, appearing on all the local TV and radio stations.

If this wasn’t enough, Kyle and Ilyah (another “Overnight” group member) are also releasing an original Pop/R&B song the end of March 2019. This song, “Breaking News” will be available on all platforms, including iTunes and Spotify!